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Why WordPress?

WordPress began its life as a blogging system back in 2003. Since then it has become the most popular content management system in the world.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, phoneThese days more than 30% of the world wide web runs on WordPress. More than 60 million users have chosen it as a foundation for everything from personal blogs to some of the largest news websites.

The platform is perpetually updated by thousands of contributors for performance, security, accessibility, and ease of use. In addition, there are more than 45,000 plugins available to add features and functions as needed.

  • Extremely customizable
  • Easy to Use
  • No software required
  • Built-in blog system
  • Manage from any computer
  • Add functionality with plugins
  • Grows with your business
  • Very SEO-friendly
  • Control over your site
  • You own it – Take it anywhere!

We can build it for you

We specialize in creating unique, effective, and affordable WordPress websites and applications for small businesses and new businesses.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript iconsFrom the simplest one-page site to the more complex e-commerce application with hundreds of product pages, we can build a mobile-friendly WordPress website that will give all visitors the optimum experience across a wide variety of devices. We launch each site with a “baseline” of optimization for search ranking, along with optimizing the entire website and its contents for quick load times across all types of connections. If you have the time and want to manage your content in-house, we’ll set you up with visual page-building capabilities that you can access from any browser.

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  • Premium theme foundation
  • Thorough branding
  • Completely mobile-ready
  • Visual page builder
  • Baseline of search optimization
  • Images compressed for fast load times
  • Versatile multi-column layouts
  • WordFence security plugin
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Minute-by-minute uptime monitoring
  • It’s completely yours—take it anywhere!
  • No-interest terms available

We can host it for you

RamNode logoWe lease and maintain several VPS (Virtual Private Servers) that have been configured especially for WordPress business websites. They are equipped with solid-state drives, Intel processors, and the latest stable versions of Ubuntu, Apache, Nginx, and Gzip software.

  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle
  • Intel processors, Solid state drives
  • From $10 per month, paid annually
  • Uptime monitored every minute, 24/7
  • Latest stable software

We can optimize it for you

Search engine logosOptimizing a website for “organic” search ranking is part science, part art, and quite a bit of trial and error. We subscribe to many of the leaders in the SEO field who follow Google’s trends closely, and share their observations and tips. Every website and every business is different, so after covering the basics, there’s nothing like tinkering with these factors and watching the results.

Yoast logoOn each new WordPress project we apply a baseline of optimization, using what we learn from your business goals and what we can find out about the competition for your ideal search terms and phrases. Here are several important areas that we focus on while building your site and adding content.

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  • Keyword research
  • Mobile-responsiveness
  • Website audit
  • On-page factors
  • Technical factors
  • Content
  • Links: internal and external
  • Site speed
  • Rank tracking
  • Local factors
  • Social media
  • Accessibility (ADA)

We can secure it for you

Since WordPress powers about 30% of all websites, it has become a big target for hackers. Most common hacking attempts are carried out by brute force attacks. These are automated username/password-guessing attempts to break into your site in order to distribute malware or spam.

The most basic defense against these attacks is using a non-obvious username (never “admin” or the domain name) along with a strong password (12-18 random characters).

WordFence logoThe next consideration would be keeping your WordPress core files, theme files, and plugins updated in order to patch any exposed vulnerabilities.

We use WordFence security software to scan each website for malware; limit, lock out, and report suspicious login attempts, as well as send weekly email reports on all activity, all files changed and all updates required for security.

  • Limit login attempts
  • Lock out brute-force attacks
  • Scan site for malware
  • Check site for changed files
  • Software update notifications
  • Weekly activity reports

We can monitor it for you

UptimeRobot logoWe assign each one of our client websites to an uptime monitoring service called UptimeRobot. It “pings” each client site every minute, 24/7, and alerts us by text and email when it detects that a site is not responding. We can then troubleshoot and get you back up and running.

Downtime is verified from several locations, and uptime, downtime, and response times are recorded.

  • Minute-by-minute checks
  • Multiple locations
  • Immediate notifications via text & email
  • Alerts us to potential problems
  • Full stats recorded

We can manage it for you

WordPress was built to enable a website owner to manage his own updates, changes, and additions from almost any internet-connected computer. That being said, we have many clients who are too busy managing their businesses to set aside time to update their websites.

Wordpress edit windowWe are more than happy to provide all of that for you here. Send us your new images, ideas, text, and anything else, and we will handle everything from cropping, re-sizing, and compressing photos to formatting of text content, adding pages, editing of navigation, mindful of SEO factors.

We can complete most simple requests the same day. We’ll email you with a link to the new work for your approval. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Crop, optimize, re-size new images
  • Format all new content
  • Spell check
  • Add pages/posts
  • Edit menu system
  • Add new functions or features
  • Most requests are same-day
  • Email notification for approval
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

We can support it for you

In addition to the WordPress core files and database, most sites make use of several plugins for additional features or functions. Most of these are perpetually updated by their authors and contributors for security and performance.

Warning signSome updates are more urgent than others, such as patches that close vulnerabilities in past versions. These need immediate attention. Some are merely improvements in code or small bug fixes, which can wait a few days until we have done a little reading on whether they might affect another software package.

In most cases, we perform a complete backup of all files before we update plugins or core files so that we can quickly restore the site if problems arise.

  • Update WordPress core files
  • Update plugin files
  • Patch new vulnerabilities
  • Back up for later restore
  • Check for plugin compatibility
  • Stay current on security and performance news

We can back it up for you

Hacking, a server crash, a questionable update, or simple user error can take down your WordPress site. By far the best insurance for a full recovery is a set of recent backups of your entire website.

Updraft logoEvery new website or re-design that we launch is equipped with UpdraftPlus, the world’s highest-rated and most installed WordPress backup plugin.

As a further precaution, we also back up your site before applying updates to software or plugins.

  • Fully automated, or manual
  • All content: files, themes, database, plugins, images
  • Schedule every 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, etc.
  • Emailed backup reports
  • Multiple copies retained
  • Backups stored in the cloud
  • Restore backups directly from your WordPress admin panel

We make custom WordPress websites affordable.

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