Logo Design and Branding

Your logo is the face of your business.

We’ve been designing logos since the late 1990s. We’ve learned quite a bit along the way.

  • Appearing on your products, business card, print advertising, and your website, your logo tells prospective customers who you are, what kind of products or services you provide, or what benefits you offer your clients.
  • Your logo should be designed to create interest and curiosity in your potential customers, persuading them to have a look, and ultimately buy your product or service
  • A great logo should set you apart visually from your competitors. It takes a little research to arrive at a unique and memorable design.
  • Your logo should appear in all of your marketing media—All printed material, packaging, signage, websites, social media, videos, promotional products, etc.

Ideally, a great logo should:

  • be unique
  • be simple
  • be instantly recognizable
  • be memorable
  • give a sense of character of the business
  • communicate a degree of professionalism
  • establish the foundation for all promo materials
  • look good in grayscale and black & white
  • be recognizable in small sizes
  • not be dependent upon special effects

Here is a sampler of some of our work over the years:

These may help you decide whether we might be a good fit for your project.

A Typical Logo

There are no hard, fast rules, but a typical logo may consist of an icon, a logotype (stylized name), and possibly a tagline. Sometimes only one or two of these elements are used.

Most of us are visual creatures. We’re influenced most by what we see. It is ever more important to have a great logo to set your business and its products or services apart from your competitors.

Our Design Process

Although the end product may be very simple, the design process can be quite complex. We go through several steps on the way to the ideal logo:

  • Learn about your product and business
  • Research industry examples
  • Choose a style direction
  • Choose a unique color scheme
  • Test varied sizes and media uses
  • Create a complete style guide (colors, typefaces)

We Start From Scratch

Every logo design project is unique. We don’t just modify and recycle clipart images. We normally begin with a sketch pad to rough out several ideas. We’ll keep a few that look promising, then expand on them individually. Then we walk away. This process takes time.

We then recreate a few concepts in Adobe Illustrator, usually black & white, or grayscale. If an idea “pops” without color or drop shadow, we know we have something. We’ll send you 2, 4, or 6 concepts for you to choose one to revise.

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